Tote bags made by a Tatami Master

The Japanese tatami is internationally excellent flooring material.For people to become more familiar with it.a professional tatami artisan has made tote bags.Light and durable.the bags are purely Japanesque with their Japanese taste designs

Tatami Tote Bag Color

・ Red & Black


・ Bule




Tatami tote bags can be customized according to your favorite.
You can choose ”A"part from 5colors and "B"part From 10 different patterns and colors.

You cannot choose the cloth inside.The color of the cloth covering on the top is deep blue.

Shipping Cost

It depends on the countries.You will contact each customers before sending.


PAYPAL or Direct deposit.



・Thes bags aren't designed for carrying heavy things but for carrying light things.

・Don't put sharpened things inside.

・No Wasable.

・When the bags wet,please wipe them with dry cloth and dry them.


●Dear Japanese customers. (日本のお客様へ。)



E-mail Contact

Takahashi Tatami factory

Tatami Tote Bags Odering Form

・Please send e-mail including your name,addresss,e-mail address,phone number,the color you choose and the number of items you need.

・Odering one product,choose and write "color 1"and"number of products you need"

・Odering two products,choose write"color1","color2"and"number of products you need".

・We will reply to you e-mails as soon as possible.

・We will start making products after accepting your orders and they're hand made.
So we need time to make them.We'll let you know the time we need in the reply.

Color1 Red&Black Blue
Number of products you need
Color2 Red&Black Blue
Number of products you need. .